365 days of 2013

Hello 3rd day of 2013. I can’t believe this is my 1st post for this year. I should have my 1st post on the 1st day of the year. Anyway, I’m not sure why I forgot to write on the 1st day, maybe I was having a holiday hangover (no alcohol present, of course). Right now, I am leaving 2012 with the good, bad, sad and happy memories. The best part of my 2012 for me was my boyfriend is finally home. He just got back from a year and one month work outside the country. The saddest part was my two grannies died because of illness.

I have to summarize my 2012 through this collage I made. I can’t fit all the photos here since I have to utilize the space provided. Don’t ask why most of them are couple photos hehe I love this year cause my boypran is here to witness my achievements and failures. He’s my adviser and my listener. You have no idea how many times he seen me crying my eyes out with all the heartaches. He cried, laugh and dance with me this year. He is genuinely my best-friend and our souls rejoiced for finding each other. My love for him gets deeper and deeper each day and I can’t wait to be with him soon. There are no reasons for us to be away from each other again. Ever! And I’m willing to wait for that time to come.

So this year I have no New Year’s resolutions, on the other hand I have here some reminders for myself.
  • First I have to commit to fitness.  I’m not yet sure if I’m obsessed with fitness and eating healthy. Maybe fitness but when it comes to eating habits I still can’t resist my cravings to sweet stuffs. I have to seriously commit to this since I’m not gonna buy Herbalife products anytime soon.
  • Secondly, I have to save money. I just started my FICCO account December last year. FICCO is one recommended Cooperative so why not trust them? A lot of people trust FICCO even my parents. I am planning to save money also through bank but still undecided with BDO, Metrobank and BPI. I have a plan that's why I needed it through bank, with a passbook and ATM card. I have to work on this as soon as possible.
  • I want to remind myself to learn how to say NO. Saying No in a polite kind of way. I hate myself sometimes for being so submissive. This time around I have to decline graciously and love myself more. 
  • I want to remind myself everyday of how thankful I am to God for having a beautiful life. It’s time to recognize some goodness and uphold good vibes by being grateful.
I want to thank Almighty Father, merciful and loving God for this beautiful LIFE, for another year to embrace and another challenges to face. There are uncertainties in the future but I offer everything to HIM. I just have to live my life day by day with a grateful heart. Thanks to all the people who made my 2012 crazily remarkable. I have a lot of 1st times on the previous year and I’m looking forward to more this year. 

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