A gift

First off, I am thankful that my leave was approved and I could take a few days off work and travel. It's a secret for now since I wanna blog about it, excited lang! haha! Anyhow, I received two gifts last Christmas, the first one was a cute orange slippers from Pearly (forgot to took a photo of it) and a cutie notebook with a lovely mousepad!

isn't that a cutie? actually she looks like Kikyou in InuYasha haha!
Last week, I got my new pair of glasses. After 3 years, I finally went for an eye check-up. I'm unhappy that my eye grade was higher than of 3 years ago, both my eyes are now at -0.50. The negative sign means I have myopia (nearsighted). Also, I'm a bit surprised with the lenses though. When I got it and try it on, I was really happy that my vision is more clearer than my old one however I believe the lenses are not AR lens (anti-reflective). I forgot to tell the doctor that it should be an AR lens. When I went back to the store and told them about my dilemma, they told me that it was an AR lens. I compared the two glasses in front of them the new and my old one but the doctor insisted it was an AR.

I researched about AR and it shouldn't be like this. AR lenses should reduce the glare on the glasses. I did not argue no longer since I don't want to have a bad day. I kinda like their service on the first day, sadly now, I have second thoughts. So I took a photo from my lappy's cam to check out the difference between the two.

On the left side above is the new and the right was the old one. On the other hand, below left is the old one and right side is the new. Can you spot the difference? hehe

So that's it! I can't do anything for now. I'm loving my new since I love the frame so much but I'm still using the old one, no need to throw it away. waaaah and Life of Pi is now showing, thank you Lord for hearing my rants haha! Kaka-sad kasi wala pa sya sa cinemas. I need to see it before my boypran goes to Manila. haha! I cannot wait!


  1. aw ang cute cute!!! where have u been ha! i'm glad your eyes are better. yay it's showing na! my brothers want to watch it too. We just need to find money so we can watch. haha they want 3d!

  2. shenanii late reply from me, sorry* weheh..Yes, they're more better now and i'm glad :) Finally watched the movie hehe and it was amazing even in 2D so you have to watch na! No 3D here in CDO, i think..only in Manila :(


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