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After reading an article from Bo, I realized a lot of mistakes that I made. I don't want to blame anyone since I have complete control of my thoughts and my words. As you can see, if you know me personally, I can get easily irritated and short-tempered. My boyfriend is the victim of my mood swings and I would say things that I never thought would hurt him. I would realized that when I feel his silence. I never meant to say those words but I said it already I can never take it back. Back to reflections I made, I learned these words from Bo on his article and I would like to share them here. 

You need to learn a new kind of vocabulary. 

Instead of saying, “I have some failures,” say, “I have some lessons.” 
Instead of saying, “I have some problems,” say, “I have some hidden blessings.” 
Instead of saying, “I’m going through a crisis,” say, “I’m going through a transformational experience.” 
Instead of saying, “I don’t have money,” say, “I’m temporarily broke but the blessings are on the way.”

I'm guilty with all those words mentioned by Bo. You see, I didn't even know it could affect my personality and attitude. I thought words are nothing but words, I know them, I understand them but I was wrong cause I don't reflect on them. I would always whine that I have a lot problems. I'm worried with something that I shouldn't have to (affected lang). I would say, I was only dragged to this situation, as if I have a choice! I can't stand myself saying those words to think that this person is the most loving person I know. I don't want to talk about this na cause it breaks my heart huhu.

Right now instead of saying I have problems, it's time for me to say "I have some hidden blessings" and instead of saying I don't have money, I would say "I’m temporarily broke but the blessings are on the way." I  was amazed when Bo said "The quality of your words will determine the quality of your life—including the life of the people around you."  I love it really. T_T 

Next time, I will choose my words carefully. If you want to read the whole article of Bo's, here's the link Change Your Vocabulary.


  1. Something is really wrong with my blog feeder for I did not know about this post. tsk tsk. This is so nice. Thank you for sharing Chang. I believe this for I have experienced this. Way back in High School, I was once a taklisa(tactless). Maybe I am still to this day but not as bad as before. Before I would always say what is on my mind without realizing people are getting hurt. One day my friend told me that she is hurt by what i said and that I am taklisa and that being honest does not really equate to being taklisa. I was hurt and surprised by her revelations and for one week I think I did not speak. I just kept thinking about it. Me being tactless. It's like a bad movie on repeat in my head. And since then I have learned to be careful of what i say but sometimes i could not help it i get tactless. haha. Storytelling ba etitch? Narecall ko lang kasi naman sa post mo. haha char tagalig. Thanks again.

  2. hehe maybe you're just busy shenani kaw jud..I am taklisa too way back high school and we have the same experience as well. I did not talk that much after that too!haha!amazing we had the same experience ^^ My being taklisa mutukar jd sya usahay haha! Tagalog ka pala eh..hehe


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