Part 3,Bohol:Hinagdanan Cave

My 1st post for this month haha! Anyway, I forgot to post the 3rd story of our trip in Bohol. The last place for our itinerary that day is at Hinagdanan Cave in Panglao, Bohol. I don't know much about this place, I didn't listen to the tour guide's story obviously hehe, just don't ask me about the history of the place..okay?

I was tired already when we arrived here, so I'm not that excited to go inside the cave

To make the story short I had fun in Hinagdanan. The tour guide amused and surprised us with his witty comments. We are happy he's the one who took the photos. However, the photos were blurry haha! The important thing is we enjoyed our trip. Our short trip was indeed memorable and fun. I can't wait to have a trip again. I want to unwind na kaso busy pa. hehe

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