I talked to my boyfriend on the phone yesterday and he shared to me that it was his first time to cry in front of his mother. They talked via YM. His mother had never seen him cried before so she teases him, his nephews and nieces were there too. He said he was crying because he misses them that much, his home and his family. He was feeling homesick after seeing the smile on their faces. Suddenly, tears started falling on my cheeks, I felt the loneliness he felt during that time and I was wondering if ever I decided to work abroad and leave home, will I miss my family? will they miss me? And my subconscious mind answered “NO”. I don’t know why I suddenly thought about that. I want to experience being homesick again. I have experienced it though when I was young where I spent my summer in Camiguin Island with my cousin and I cried a lot. I missed my family, especially my mama. I missed everything about our place and how I wish summer would be over so that I can go back to the loving arms of my mama. *mama's girl*

I want to experience it again now that I’m already an adult. I’ve been with my parents for 23 years of my life. I like  to discover life in another country which I’m not sure if I can make it (sure can), maybe work abroad? I love to explore the world with my own two feet. I want to be independent and work on my career in another level.  How I wish!If ever opportunity knocks on my door, I would probably grab it. Let’s see. Hmm.


  1. aw, wawa naman bata. hehe

    Someday chang! haha I wanna travel places too. yay! I hope soon. haha Everything is possible with the Lord :)

  2. haha!wawa jd au shenani..Lge, it's my dream najud ever since..I know, God has plans :D


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