Vintage Fashion

Lately, I've been searching for vintage fashion bloggers and I can't really deny that I love vintage fashion. I mean, yep I love florals, collars and polka dots. I love vintage dresses already and have been checking out Modcloth for dresses. I love it!They're so adorable and cute and sophisticated. My problem with dresses though is that my tummy looks like it's always bloating. I had problems with my subcutaneous fats and it's hard to eliminate them. It's not going to be easy, I'm not sure how may months I will work on it. I must commit to my pilate ab work-out which is really hard. However, I can't wait to wear dresses already. I want to be a vintage fashion blogger. hehe 

Check out these Modcloth photos. 

they have plus sizes. She looks gorgeous! 

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