back with a vengeance

I had been sick for four days straight. I was a little unstable by the next day, that's why I stopped making weekly challenges since my body can't handle the stress. But now, that I have gained back my strength, I have to start making weekly challenges! Well, since we have this weight loss challenge, I will align my goals to this challenge. I started yesterday and I will continue it until this week ends. For this week, below are my challenges:


  1. Drink Herbalife Smoothie and follow strictly my program.
  2. No sweets, bread and sodas.
  3. Drink more water at least 2 ltrs a day.
  4. Pilates for Beginner this week 
This is all for now, I don't want to stretch myself too much. I should take things slow. right?

"Inspiration does not exist. It does not exist for the lazy. For the no-passionate. For the idle. It only exists for the hard-working. The diligent. The zealous and determined. Inspiration exists, but it must find you working."

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