Vintage Blogger Crushes

I have been a huge fan on vintage outfits (i don't know why?), I'm such an old soul. While looking for outfit icons, I've found these amazing and lovely women who knock-out their outfit each day. Ever since then, I have followed and read their blogs whenever I can and just look at their vintage outfits. I would love to be one of them. I wanted to be a vintage lover like them, vintage with a touch of fresh modern style. I have been looking for more vintage outfits on thrift shop here in our place, I've found a lot! I actually bought three vintage dresses from a thrift shop and made slight modifications to it. I actually wore the two vintage dresses already but I'm too shy to post my outfit here hehe, maybe next time. 

Annika Victoria from . Who wouldn't love her? I mean, she's super smart and talented. She even sew her own dresses, she's brilliant! Below are some outfits that I love. You can visit her blog or her lookbook account.

Steffy Kuncman from . She's practically the best vintage fashion blogger I look up to. I visit her blog and her lookbook for outfit inspirations. She had this smart casual chic look, which is pretty good to wear at work. She is awesomeness!! Her outfits were colorful and it's super cute, lovely and dandy. I love most of her outfit, but I have selected a few to place here. She recently got married, best wishes to her!

The Clothes Horse - She's also a vintage blogger. I found her on Modlcoth Blogger Spotlight (if my memory is right). I like her vintage dresses and the style of photography. She got this cutie pixie hair which suits her very well. 

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