2nd week of weight loss challenge

Yay!The week had gone by so fast. The 2nd week was over and I'm guilty that I have only lost .4 to my previous weight. I've been to the office this week so I was really busy, super busy that I forgot to update my challenge. Anyway, here's an update:

  1. Drink Herbalife Smoothie and follow strictly my program - I've been drinking my smoothie every morning, my day is not complete without it really. I have managed to have smoothie bfast for 2 weeks straight. yehey! Ive been trying to follow my program however I've been to the office and temptations are everywhere. I can feel that my period is coming so I was craving for siomai, japanese siomai to be exact. I have fed myself with lots of "bawal". 
  2. No sweets, bread and sodas - I managed to have no sodas for 2 weeks straight now. I managed to hold myself on bread and sweets haha! I am so proud of myself. My father would always bought bread, my family love simple carbs and I can't do anything about it. 
  3. Drink more water at least 2 ltrs a day - I am so proud to tell that I am now consuming 2 ltrs of water a day. 
  4. Pilates for Beginner this week - No pilates for this week since I went to the office *sad*. 
It was really my fault. I am not prepared that's why temptation consumed me and messed up my week. Anyway, enough of blaming myself, I am still thankful that I've lost .4 hehe. I got to exercise for 32 mins though last Wednesday. I am a work in progress so I think it's okay to messed up (a little motivation for myself). I will just do  better this 3rd week and return to cardio for awhile. The most important thing is...


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