5th week: weight loss challenge

I am so happy that finally I have lost 2 lbs on our fifth weigh-in. *progress is progress* I remembered last time I did not lose weight. My current weight now is 128.4 lbs and my weight before I started this challenge was around 136.4 lbs, so I have lost a total of 8 lbs already which is a total of 4kgs. weeeeeeeee I am super happy! I have a meal plan but you know sometimes I can't follow it because of food shortage hahaha! we are not rich, ya'know. But I always opt to healthy alternatives like protein rich food: eggs and tuna (sardines). Plus, I have crazy cravings once in a while which I blame to hormonal changes or maybe, I just lack discipline. hehe 

Here's a sure way to resist my cravings. I will, I mean I should try to remember this 4 Ds.


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