15 Random Things

1. I’m inconsistent – When you want to achieve something you have to be consistent every single day, but I am not doing it now. I need more PDT, prayer and wisdom.
2. I have weight plateau.  I’m convinced that I have lost some inches on my thigh area and my tummy looks better than before. *insert song Happy*
3. Exercise Routine: M.W.F – Jog at Gaston Park with sis Jai and Ms. Chen. Back to Cardio, I was thinking to schedule it T.TH.S.
4. I can’t pretend that I’m okay, if I went out of the Book Sale without buying one book.
5. I want to buy The Happiness Project book of Gretchen Rubin. I can’t find one in National Bookstore.
6. Know the Types of procrastination and how you can fix them. Read this one here http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/types-procrastination-and-how-you-can-fix-them.html, it’s a fun article. Under type of Procrastination by specific habit or action: I’m the List Maker, The Napper, The Internet Researcher, and The Watcher.
7. Finally, I’ve received and enrolled my BPI More Fun Card. I can deposit and pay online hassle free.
8. I love reading Daily Guideposts 2014. I’m still in January; I have to read at least 10-20 pages a day.
9. I should finish reading Eat, Pray, Love. It has been sitting on my desk for months now. I tried to read 4-5 pages though. I admire her (E. Gilbert) writing skills so much.
10. We have another Team Outing this year! Yay! This year is amazing and full of sweet surprises.
11. Remember: Delaying Gratification – one of the most valuable traits of successful people.
12. I’m learning to apply make-up on my eye brows.  I tried to apply eyeliner but I’m such a mess.
13. I’m obsessed with image editing applications. Cymera app is love. I will install VSCO if I have my iphone real soon.
14. Slowly watching 250 Top Movies of all time.  I’m happy that Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away is on the list.
15. Infatuated with Self- Help Books. Currently reading, The Power by Rhonda Byrne.


  1. yay! procrastination is the enemy my friend. haha. It's okay as long as you enjoy your downtime. It is always good to take a break from time to time but not too much.

    Elizabeth Gilbert. I follow her facebook page and also have you watched her tedex talk? If not, you have to. It was inspiring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86x-u-tz0MA

    Yay for the exercise part. You look so slim na chang. I think i have to exercise too. I am having belly fats already. haha. I have to Get healthy.

    Rhonda Byrne The Secret? Oh powerful stuff.

  2. haha ive taken a look at the procrastination types and I am definitely the sidetracker!

  3. hahaha!as in..it is the greatest enemy. Yah, but I take breaks like way too much, just watching TV series. WOW!I should follow her too!I have to watch that video. Thanks shenani! Yup, I've been serious with this keeping myself fit and healthy, hehe,, oh no, you should work on it as in NOW or else it will stay longer and you'll have regrets later. Yes, Rhonda Byrne is love. I love everything about her book.

    -- sidetracker d i ka ha..maygane kay 1 lang imuha, akoa jd kay 4 types bahahahaha!


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