Bookshelf Inspiration

Hooray for the month of October! How time flies and I love it! I'm looking forward to 2015 actually. I was browsing through tumblr and found these bookshelf photos which make me come up with this post. I love books so much that I hoard a lot. They say when you read a lot of books, you tend to have good writing skills. A tip which I read over a thousand times on the internet. Sadly, it doesn't have an effect on me. As much as I dream of, I don't have that skill. I love reading and writing too, but my writing is not improving at all. I wish grammar police would visit my blog often so that I can collect more tips from them. I read grammar sites every now and then but forgot most of the grammar rules. Too many rules to consider and you don't even know yourself you're doing it right. I get lost a lot of times. I will do better and just continue writing even though I'm bad at grammar.

Photos below are my bookshelf inspiration. I love the idea of having one, where I can arrange them, have that cute couch and lay around all day just reading. These photos are not mine, credit goes to the owner. (see below for image sources)

image sources

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