Hey sunbeams!

We had a meeting yesterday and a friend noticed that I look pale. I tried to put on a lipstick, I hurriedly applied one but since I don’t like the way it looks on me, I decided not to apply anymore.  I have this idea that maybe I look pale because I don’t get enough sunshine. They say that you need to get a little exposure of sunlight; it’s good for the health. I’ve been sleeping late & waking up late too. Last night, I decided to sleep early (I did, slept around 12AM LOL) & should wake up early to get some vitamin D.  I woke up early today, hurray! Actually, I woke up because of the noises I heard.  Omo, my family is really noisy early in the morning! I heard familiar voices in our living room, I realized that my aunt & uncle arrived early from Bohol (I’m not sure what their business here in CDO, maybe they have important event to attend to).  I woke up around 6AM, I jumped on my bed cause I have to get some sunshine!

To my surprise the weather is gloomy, and then my aunt says there’s a low pressure, wrong timing eh? I didn’t even know there’s a low pressure; I don’t like watching news (too much negativity there), that’s why I can’t keep up with the latest updates, especially the weather. This weather is an epitome of appreciating little things, we miss the sunbeams when it rains & vice versa.  Ooh, this kind of weather makes me a lazy. 

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