GOAL 101: Sparks All The Way!

The bestselling American writer Nicholas Sparks was born on December 31 1965 (44), in Omaha Nebraska. He has published 16 novels already and six of them adapted to films, namely Message in a bottle, A walk to remember, The Notebook, Nights of Rodanthe, Dear John and The Last Song.  Two of his books are anticipated of being made into films. The Book True Believer soon this 2011 while The Lucky One is expected on the following year 2012.

Actually I made a promise to myself that I will buy all his books. I’m a fan of his works. He’s one of the writers I admire. I wholly admire his writing skills, which I secretly desire to attain. Anyway, most of the time I wish I had that kind of talent, how I fantasize to have an excellent writing, which I’m eager to learn. I know I can, I have to be positive all the way to accomplish my goal.

All his romance fiction books are ideal, but I have seen those on films like The Notebook, A walk to Remember, Dear John and The Last Song. I haven’t got the chance to read his books which I’m really looking forward to. I hate myself for those damn excuses; I can’t buy for now because I have to buy things such as this and that. I know I can meet the expenses of those books but it’s my moodiness making it behind the schedule. I’m so wound up to buy some of it, I want to collect his books and that’s my eventual target for this year!

Target Books:

1.      The Lucky One
2.      At First Sight 
3.      The Choice 
4.      True Believer 
5.      The Guardian
6.      Three Weeks with my Brother 
7.      The Wedding
8.      Night in Rodanthe 
9.     A bend in the Road 
10.   The Rescue 
11.   A walk to remember 
12.   Message in a bottle 
13.   The Notebook 
14.   Safe Haven 
15.   The Last Song 
16.   Dear John

I may not acquire all of the books since I started like just now but keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to buy all of it. Let’s see the available books in the bookstore. I was looking around in National Bookstore a month ago or so -I couldn't remember now- for those books and I was surprised, the price is 300php something. I think the price is reasonable, of course it’s Sparks! Oh how I wish someone would buy one for me (hoping again*) or I could get a discount or a sale. Hmm, thinking of it and spending money for books, is that practical? Ha-ha! I’m so stupid, I’m making goals again and not sure if I could accomplish such. Oh Sparks, my inspiration. I love to read those books so soon.

Nicholas Sparks Books:


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