Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

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It’s another moving picture from the brilliant director Hayao Miyazaki. Yes, I adore all his animated films especially Howl’s Moving Castle.  I watched this yesterday; the animated movie is about a goldfish princess who wants to be human. The little goldfish princess fell in love to Sosuke. Sosuke is a 5 year old boy lives in an ocean cliff with his mother. One day, he went to the shore and founds a goldfish trapped in a bottle. He rescues the goldfish and names her Ponyo. Ponyo on the other hand is the daughter of a wizard and sea goddess.  

Below are some snapshots:

Ponyo and Sosuke

Ponyo's Mother and Father

Ponyo's mother - a sea goddess
According to Hayao Miyazaki the plot is inspired by the story "The Little Mermaid"  by Hans Christian Andersen.

- The characters are so adorable, the images are very artistic - it was amazing - the scenery in the small village is so pretty. The plot is very simple, clearly made for Children’s fantasy. 

clap-clap- clap for Ponyo  


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