5 Ways to escape Boredom.

When boredom strikes me I make sure that I have to run off and divert my attention to other things that would make me more productive.  Some of my friend would ask me what I would do if the state of being bored hits me. Well, that’s not kinda hard. Haha! Anyway, I want to share my simple five ways to escape boredom.

1.    Watch a movie. Yes, hehe, I frequently download movies that suits to my taste.  I love watching films especially animation, romance, comedy and pretty much suspense with a matching twist and turn of the plot. I usually go to IMDB.com to check the movie ratings which is pretty much important in choosing a good movie to watch; of course you don’t want to waste your time on watching with a predictable plot.

2.     Read Books online and offline. I have plenty of books in hand and there are amazing post in the web world which is actually helpful and inspiring. I usually read self-enhancement blogs, I subscribed to their blog so I won’t visit their blog all the time. If you subscribed to their blog you’ll receive all their post and updates straight to your inbox, that’s more convenient.

3.     Blogging. Yay! Hehe, one of my favorite places online is my tumblr page. I can post whatever I like, whenever I want on that blog. That blog was actually my jpg blog; most of the posts were all images.  I like manga, anime and taylor swift and quotes and random ideas that comes to my mind.  I enjoy discovering new tumblr pages and anime images. I typically spend 2 hours just browsing and reblogging post haha! My blogspot blog is somehow more a serious type of blog hehe. Anyway, I love these two blogs of mine. This is my medium of craziness.

4.     Videoke. Singing is one of my favorite hobbies. Haha! Though I know I don’t have the diva voice  like Charice Pempengco at least I enjoy myself singing her songs haha! I record my voice sometimes through my phone, weeeee., It shows that I enjoy singing much. I’m not a good singer I just enjoy myself listening to my cute voice lol.  My choice artists: Taylor Swift, Charice, Marie Digby and Adele. Band artists: Lady Antebellum and Paramore (not that much). I also sing Justin Bieber songs – wala lang likey ko lang yung songs hehe and OPM (Original Pinoy Music) of course.

5.     Watching my favorite Ghibli films. I have my favorite movies of course; I keep them all on my Drive D. hehe. I am very much in-love and fascinated to Japanese animation especially Studio Ghibli films. These movies even though I’ve seen it more than 2 times, it never fade the excitement and delightful feeling that I have. I felt like a kid and a teenager. The feeling never gets old. I felt young and vibrant. If you have kids, I’m pretty much sure your kids will love it too.  My favorites are Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Grave of the fireflies, The Cat Returns, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, Whispher of the Heart, Princess Mononoke and Kiki’s delivery Service. You can download the movies online and make sure to choose the English language just to make sure your kids will enjoy it too.  Some of the movie is in Japanese language but you don’t have to worry since it has an English subtitle.  

There you have it folks, that’s my 5 ways to escape boredom. Since boredom is inevitable you have to make sure you have a leisure activity that would help you to break away from that feeling. Activities that somehow make you more productive on the other hand get pleasure from it. You just have to identify what are activities that you like and enjoy the most. We all have different ways to escape boredom, feel free to share on the comment box below. 


  1. Books and movies definitely. Or a walk out with my camera, cause there is always something that will catch my eyes. And calling a friend for a coffee because there is nothing better than chatting and changing the world!
    Have a lovely day!

  2. With my two kids sis..boredom is not a usual word for me because I'm always busy..honestly the only time that I can say..rewarding myself after a busy day..is when quiet angel and I talk on the phone most specially before we sleep..

    When I am waiting for him..it is not what we call boring but it is more of resting and enjoying the peaceful surrounding when my kids are already asleep..reading books..cross-stitch..eating a bar of chocolate and listening to Music have been my relaxing time..

    When I was in Elementary and my Mom goes out..I usually get bored sssssshhhh..I dress up like Ms.Universe wahhhh hahaha..when I was in high school I would sing and sing and sing again..College I would love to read cook books and sleep because my Mom doesn't want me to go out..even with my cousins..sad childhood story huhuhu :(.. so I guess I have to entertain myself hahaha :)

  3. waaaaaaaaaa feeling nako gpost ni nimo para sa ako! ahahaha i dont easily get bored man but i have been this past few weeks since ng start ko ug tele. Haha. Oh my i love my company but it gets boring sometimes. hahaha talking to oneself and thinking about stuffs! I found playing games online diverts ur attention and talking to friends online and chatting them up really perks me. haha and well as you mentioned movies too! I love all anime and pixels and disney movies though i havent seen a lot like you do. lol.

  4. @MarieHarmony: Hi Marie, what a lovely activity. Thanks for sharing your sweet thoughts. Hope to see you around :)

  5. @Sie: wew.. If you have kids, I think you won't get bored that easy cause you have your full attention to them, that;s really sweet ate sie. Naks naman kilig naman ako, eeee, that's how I felt pag tumatawag skin yung VIP ko. hehe, ayeeeee.. super sweet. I think kasi you will not get bored bsta someone so dear to you <3

    Wow, katuwa, ms.universe..weeee, well, ate I think naman u have the potential. You like singing too..weeeeeeeeee, You know what ate I didn't know how to cook, hehe.. What you did talaga was really productive :) that's okay ate you learned a lot naman :) *hugs*

  6. @Shenani: hahaha! I remembered you asked me then I think it's one good topic for a post. You actually hit me that idea. Thanks a lot.

    I wonder what happened to Angry Birds? haha! I bet you're hooked up to it already. Just chat me up and send a lot of youtube videos hehe.

    weeeeeeee.. movies and animes are the best diversion. thumbs up!

  7. Hey.. nice blog and great post too...
    came here via Sie's profile...
    Hope to stay connected..
    God bless :)

  8. I also kill the boredom with blogging and reading novels and walk when ever I get time But walk is healthy .

    Love your blog .

    Follow each other .

  9. @ Madhulika: Hey there, thanks for passing by here. I'll subscribe to your lovely blog as well to stay more connected. Thank you :)

    @ ♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ : Thanks a bunch for sharing your lovely thoughts, I have visited your blog, will follow you as well. Thanks a bunch and have a lovely day :)

  10. sissy kindly go to my site.I have passed awards to you..no need to pass it on alam ko busy you..basta kunin mo na lang mwah...sis just wondering why are you registering sa feedjit ko na nasa Pasay Manila ka..are you here ba? or mali lang cguro..

  11. hello ate sie, I'm sorry, I've been away for awhile, been very busy lately tlaga huhu, I haven't write anything on my blog.huhaiii.. Thanks a lot ate sie and I'll try to pass the award. *kiss kiss*

    -- mali ang feedjit ate, I was here in CDEO, ewan ko bakit tlaga Pasay ang nakalagay doon. hehe. hugs*

  12. sis I have two awards for you..heart locket award and hundred hearts award..kunin mo na lang if you have time po :)

  13. hahaha..sis oks lang po I didn't make the awards pinass ko lang po..galing sa iba..by the way dalawa yun ha..hundred hearts at heart locket award po :)


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